Asintech specializes in the measurement and assessment of structures, machinery and plant equipment that are subjected to dynamic input loading with the emphasis on problem mitigation and design optimization. Our expertise is supported by a sophisticated multi-channel vibration and strain measurement capability, enhanced by superior numerical capability in the form of mathematical signal processing and finite element analysis.

Asintech specializes in vibration measurement and analysis on machinery with the emphasis on processing equipment, vehicles and rail. We have developed an advanced data processing and analysis capability over the years in conjunction with extensive signal processing expertise.

Static and dynamic linear and non-linear structural analysis, applied in structural diagnostics as well as design optimization. Supported by the MSC software (Patran Nastran Marc)

Strain measurement and data recording enables Asintech to determine input loading on structures for analysis purposes as well as the direct assessment of fatigue damage accumulation on structures and machine components.

Design audits of lifting systems, trailers, vehicle structures and material handling equipment. Design audits are facilitated by a combination of code or first principle calculations, supported by finite element analysis where appropriate.

Asintech works in close collaboration with the Centre for Asset Integrity Management at the University of Pretoria, which houses a world class servo hydraulic structural testing laboratory, enabling us to facilitate the following services:

  • Design and implementation of multi-axial durability test rigs
  • Advanced response reconstruction
  • Execution of accelerated life durability tests

Experimental analysis and characterisation of rotating machinery focusing on input load and
response determination and mitigation of torsional resonance and related failure mechanisms